Vicinity, Cockburn Central

Mixed-use, Multi-residential

  • Project

    Mixed-use multi-residential development in TOD precinct

  • Services

    Feasibility, full service architecture and interior design

  • Location

    Cockburn Central, WA

  • Client


  • Status

    due 2016

Vicinity is one of several Cameron Chisholm Nicol projects for Australand in the transit oriented development precinct of Cockburn Central. Vicinity straddles the two major streets linking Cockburn Train Station to the Cockburn Central West Development. Seen as a transitional stage between the low-rise typologies of Stage 1 and the high-rise, higher-density of Stage 2, Vicinity accommodates a diverse, affordable product to appeal to a broad demographic mix.

The single ownership of both Lots 5 and 6 presented a unique opportunity to deliver an integrated design which creates a mews at Sleeper Lane. This develops a sense of place and introduces a more delicate, finegrain product that goes beyond “business as usual” apartment design and adds personality to the town centre.

The scale, rhythm and texture of the development’s other street frontages is in keeping with the precinct guidelines to maintain consistency with the desired urban character of Cockburn Town Centre as embodied in Stage 1. The carefully scaled and proportioned built form is a 8 storey tower at the north corner extending above a 3 level podium. The tower element has a contemporary design theme conceived to bring a refreshing, new built typology to the precinct.

The higher density of Vicinity and further projects in Stage 2 will increase the critical population mass of Cockburn Central, in turn increasing the demand for commercial and retail offerings. This adds significant placemaking value to the precinct, providing long-term viability and enhancing the ambience and vibrancy of the town centre.