PlusLife, Midland

Health and aged care

  • Project

    Production facility and laboratories for the receipt, storage, processing and dispatch of bone and tissue grafts

  • Services

    Full service architecture and interior design

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    Midland, WA

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PlusLife is a not-for-profit organization that collects, screens, stores and distributes donated human bone and tissue grafts for use in surgical transplant procedures. Donated bone and tissue is used to treat patients suffering with conditions such as spinal deformities, arthritic joint disease, bone cancers, sports injuries and those needing facial and dental reconstruction surgery. The majority of PlusLife’s grafts are used within Western Australia, with some sent interstate and overseas to New Zealand and Singapore.

Cameron Chisholm Nicol was engaged to design PlusLife’s new production facility in Midland. The facility will be attached to the existing heritage Railway Institute building, which will have minor alterations to accommodate Pluslife’s administrative personnel.

The development has a floor area of approximately 1,025sqm and houses facilities for the receipt, storage, processing and dispatch of bone and tissue grafts. The products derived from the processing facility are classified as ‘Human Blood and Tissue’ under the terms of the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA).  Cameron Chisholm Nicol has worked closely with the project’s clean room consultant to ensure the design and coordination of services align with the TGA’s strict requirements.

The architecture of the new facility responds to its location and connection to the Railway Institute by simultaneously comparing and contrasting with the heritage structure. The design exaggerates the juxtaposition of old and new through a metal-clad facade which contrasts with the face brick of the Institute building. The two materials – brick and steel – define the dominant vernacular materials palette of the surrounding Midland Workshops. The result clearly defines the new, and signifies the modern processes which are conducted within.

The PlusLife Board has praised the design of the facility, citing it as the best bone processing clean rooms and laboratories in Australasia, and amongst the best in the world.

If you are interested in finding out about donating life-saving blood and tissue, visit the PlusLife website.