M27 by Match, Fremantle

Adaptive re-use, Mixed-use, Multi-residential

  • Project

    40 apartment infill development, incorporating the adaptive re-use of a heritage sub-station for food and beverage

  • Services

    Feasibility, full service architecture and interior design, marketing renders

  • Location

    Parry Street, Fremantle

  • Client

    Match Property

  • Date

    DA approved August 2015 - currently in development

Match Property engaged Cameron Chisholm Nicol to develop a residential infill scheme for a site in central Fremantle. The site, which runs from Parry Street through to Fremantle Park, is fronted by a heritage-listed electrical sub-station.

Initial yield studies led to extensive consultation with the City of Fremantle, the DAC and the Heritage Council of WA to define the planning parameters and determine an economically-sustainable public use for the sub-station. Approval has now been granted for the sub-station to be adapted into a food and beverage tenancy, with a 40 apartment residential development at the rear. The space between the substation and the apartments is conceived as a fine-grained urban laneway.

Our design approach draws cues from Fremantle’s rich and varied urban context and industrial heritage.

The 4-storey apartment building has a central courtyard to facilitate cross-ventilation and admit natural light to all dwellings. A solid 2-storey base, in red brick on the Parry Street side and white render on the Fremantle Park elevation, anchors the built form. This echoes the scale and materiality of the sub-station and nearby buildings. Metal cladding to the upper 2 storeys introduces an industrial element, carried through in detailing such as sunscreens and the lobby. The contrast in colour and texture visually breaks up the building mass and sits perfectly within the port city.

This exemplary infill project, activating both Parry Street and Fremantle Park, will add an exciting new layer to Fremantle’s inner-urban fabric.