Newman Town Square


  • Project

    Town Square including media screen and stage, and small business incubator

  • Services

    Master planning, urban design, Lead Consultant for partial architectural services (full design, partial admin, with D&C modular elements)

  • Location

    Newman, WA

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  • Date


Cameron Chisholm Nicol was engaged by Landcorp to undertake the master planning, design and delivery of the Newman Town Square. As the final stage in the Newman town centre revitalisation plan, the vision was to create an attractive, activated town centre that functions as a social hub and provides good connectivity with surrounding businesses.

Working closely with sub-consultant landscape architects UDLA, our team conducted a series of stakeholder workshops to identify community needs, wants and concerns, and refine the design.

Key design considerations included climate, durability, security and safety. The design is informed by CPTED principles, with orientation and lighting designed to ensure clear sightlines and high levels of passive surveillance. Safe pedestrian and vehicle access was a priority. Early contractor involvement was sought to mitigate the costs involved with working in a remote location, with the built form elements pre-fabricated in Perth.

The 2,600sqm town square incorporates a covered walkway which provides shelter and seating, and integrates an interpretative artwork designed by the traditional owners, Nyiyaparrli, and custodians of Jigalong, Martu. The artwork combines textured paving, a perforated steel canopy, and sculptural boulders and ‘clouds’ that feature integrated water jets and lighting.

A 20sqm media screen and a stage have AV infrastructure in place for performances and events. The built form component contains small business incubator with a full commercial kitchen that caters for the different cooking styles of the local population. It includes a large grill that can be taken outdoors. An open mezzanine space upstairs can accommodate flexible uses such as yoga classes and community workshops. A new public toilet block is sited adjacent, and all are buildings are clad in Corten to weather over time.

The new town square establishes a coherent public domain that improves the relationship of the town site to the existing and proposed shopping centre and other commercial premises in the precinct, and anchors the scenario for future development sites. The Square’s high level of amenity provides an inviting place for the entire community to come together and build social connections and civic pride.