Kingston, Cockburn Central


  • Project

    Multi-residential development of four apartment blocks positioned around a central lifestyle area

  • Services

    Feasibility, full service architecture and interior design, marketing plans and 3D rendering

  • Location

    Cockburn, WA

  • Client


  • Date


Kingston is a mixed use development which forms a major part of Cockburn Central Town Centre, one of the first Major Activity Centres to be delivered under the State Government’s Directions 2031 and Beyond strategic plan.

189 one and two bedroom apartments occupy four individual buildings, each with their own identity and address, linked by a shared recreational space and a cohesive architectural language. The design takes a clear and coherent approach to the planning of the site as a whole, providing excellent overall amenity whilst ensuring each building addresses its individual orientation and street frontage. Scale, rhythm and texture maintain consistency with existing built forms whilst ensuring variety within the town’s master plan.

The buildings are positioned around a landscaped square. Between each building is a canyon-like ‘fracture’ linking the external, public precinct and the private square, which features a swimming pool, gardens, an open-air cinema and a pizza oven.

Kingston delivers on the client’s brief to meet the growing demand for more affordable housing offering a high-aesthetic, low maintenance, urban lifestyle.  The development contributes significantly in assisting LandCorp deliver its vision for Cockburn Central as a high quality, transit-oriented, mixed-use Town Centre with a unique sense of place.