Empire, Perry Lakes

Multi-Residential + Retirement Living

  • Project

    Multi residential development of 123 apartments across 4 buildings

  • Services

    Feasibility, full service architecture and interior design, marketing plans and 3D rendering

  • Location

    Floreat, WA

  • Client

    Iris Residential (formerly TRG Properties)

  • Date


Empire is the second of Cameron Chisholm Nicol’s projects for Iris Residential (formerly TRG Properties) at Perry Lakes. Located on the former site of the 1962 Empire and Commonwealth Games Stadium, the development is the result of a successful entry in a Landcorp design competition.

Empire is a low-rise, high-density development of one-, two- and three- bedroom apartments set in landscaped gardens on two adjacent lots, Empire West and Empire East. Conforming to strict design guidelines, the architecture references the site’s history through a Modernist design language articulated by orthogonal built forms, horizontal planes, flat roofs and a prescribed colour palette.

The original stadium’s distinctive scoreboard building has been restored to become a communal facility for residents. A landmark for the project and the entire development, it is visible from outside the development via clear viewing corridors. The north facade of the scoreboard is now a wall of integrated photovoltaic cells which power the building.

The apartments capitalise on views and orientation, and have clearly defined entries. The delineation of public, common and private areas allows for passive surveillance of public spaces whilst respecting the need for privacy. Large balconies offer sliding sunscreens and permanent awnings for climate control. Both sites have apartments which can be converted to comply with AS1428.1 (disabled access).

Empire is an exemplar for urban infill, offering quality apartment design located close to existing infrastructure and amenity.