M29 by Match, West Perth


  • Project

    72 apartment urban infill project including 1 heritage house

  • Services

    Feasibility, full service architecture and interior design, marketing renders

  • Location

    Cowle Street, West Perth

  • Client

    Match Property

  • Date

    JDAPS approved February 2016

Cameron Chisholm Nicol was engaged by Match Property to design a medium-density residential infill development on a key site in West Perth. The precinct is earmarked for urban infill due to its proximity to the CBD and public transport, including the future MAXX light rail route.  It is close to recreational facilities and overlooks Dorrien Gardens .

The street and surrounding suburb contains many houses with significant local heritage value. A late 19th century cottage located on the site is to be retained and renovated.

The council were supportive of our proposal for 4 storeys of apartments provided the effect of their bulk and height could be ameliorated, particularly in relation to the cottage.

3D modelling was used to investigate and develop setbacks, raking roofs and sloping walls. This visually tapers the built form where it interacts with the heritage cottage, and responds to the streetscape which is largely dominated by the ornate roofs of the existing housing stock.

An important aspect of Match’s brief was to split the development into two halves, each with a different character, to foster the feeling of a small, boutique community. The materials palette responds by adopting a ‘mix’n’match’ approach which draws its cues from the adjacent properties, utilising face brick, rendered masonary and metal cladding. The outcome is a visually diverse and interesting streetscape which is both contextual and contemporary.

All apartments are orientated to views of either Cowle St and the City skyline beyond, or Dorrien Gardens. Two landscaped courtyards containing mature trees provide a green, semi-private communal area for residents, as well as enabling cross-ventilation of all apartments.